Red Blue Kite Line Sleeving
Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Line with Knots

Kite Line Sleeving

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Kite Line Sleeving

What's included: 4x red sleeves, 4x blue sleeve, 1x stainless wire for threading
Length(each): 30.5cm / 1ft 
Application: sleeve the top fo kite line to protect it from abrasion and friction, largely increasing the service life of kite lines.

Benefits of sleeving the kite line:

  • 1. Reduce the chance of breakage due to knots for attachment on the top of the kite line, largely increasing the service life.
  • 2. Kite line attachment to and removal from the bridle kite line get easier and more convenient.
  • 3. Two vibrant colors for easily sorting out the left-right flying line.