Freilein Quad Line Handles for Stunt Kites Sport Kites
Freilein Quad Line Handles for Stunt Kites
details of Freilein Quad Line Handles
aluminum alloy quad line handles for stunt kites
quad line control handle bar for kite
stunt kite quad handles
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Stunt Quad Line Handles

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Handle Material: aluminum alloy, anodized, covered by antiskid EVA foam
Steering line: Dyneema cord sheathed by braided polyester
Length: Standard - 13" / 33cm; Profession - 15" / 38cm
Application: control tool for quad-line stunt kite

Made of anodized alloy, the handlebar is highly resistant to corrosion and deformation from a strong impact. Covered by antiskid EVA foam, the handles always allow you to have a comfortable grip and be able to focus on the kite performance. Dyneema steering lines of least stretch offer smooth and precise steering control on stunt kites.