a spool of Emma Kites white red flecks Dacron kite line
most used white red flecks Dacron kite line
50~200Lb Braided Dacron Kite Line
50~200Lb Braided Dacron Kite Line

50~200Lb Braided Dacron Kite Line

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Material: 100% Dacron / Polyester
Braiding Construction: Braided strands of even numbers, for being much more solid while keeping a pretty shape

Strength Diameter Weight
per 100Ft
per Meter
50Lb 1.0mm 0.64Oz 0.60g
120Lb 1.3mm 1.24Oz 1.15g
200Lb 2.0mm 1.86Oz 1.72g

Note! There may be a little deviation in diameters of the kite line due to the hand-measuring method.
Packaging: On Spool
End Sealing: Use a lighter to fuse the end. Dacron/Polyester can melt and be self-sealed under heat.
Recommended safe working strength: 20% of its original strength.


  • Dacron, called as well polyester, is an economical material which is durable and high quality. It has a small amount of stretch and absorbs almost no water. All these characteristics make it a great handy line in both outdoor and domestic applications.
  • Dacron Line (Braided) is the most widely used flying string and bridle line for single line kites. It is good for anyone to fly kites, even for the person who is first learning to fly. It also aids in keeping a kite's tow point in place.
  • EMMAKITES braided Dacron Kite Line get one more advantage. We manufacture the line by adding fibers of contrasting colors: Red Flecks with the purpose that the kite line can be easily seen on the sand or on the beach by kids where we usually enjoy our flight and they won't be tripped over.
  • EMMAKITES braided dacron line is made with even number yarn to make the line more solid while keep a pretty shape.
  • This is a premium yet economical line for your finest single line kites, is perfect for bridles on any single line kite and will serve in a variety of hobbies, crafts, household and industrial applications, like flag halyards, foredeck netting, even light air spinnaker sheets on smaller boats, and etc.