30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock
30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock
30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock
30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock
30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock
30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock

30 inch Royal Angelfish Windsock

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30 in Royal Angelfish Windsock
Material: Ripstop Polyester
Length: 30 inch
Net weight: 44 g / 1.55 oz

  • Windsock is always a cute decoration that delights everyone. See it flow in the air, fly with the wind.
  • Decorate your garden and patio with it, and add color to your home!
  • Hang it in front of your porch, a passionate welcome to kids!
  • When you go to a campsite, never forget a cute windsock in front of your tent!


  • Add color splashes around your home with EMMA KITES Royal Angelfish windsock! A 30-inch windsock inflates the whole body all to the tail with the wind and makes a vivid fish! Hanging under the branch, in the garden, on the deck, connecting to the bike, or anywhere you want to catch the wind and add fun.
  • Originating from Royal Angelfish, also known as Regal Angelfish, it is loved for its beautiful colors and cute appearance. Passionate fish catches your eye in the distance with its bright colors and lively motions with the wind. A cute ocean buddy to your family and neighbors, and to say GOOD DAYS!
  • When a breeze comes, see a beautiful, appealing fish swimming with the wind. Enjoy the cute rainbow fish windsock, inflating, flying, and dancing when a breeze comes.
  • Made of durable ripstop polyester fabric that is long-wearing and UV resistance, the windsock will look great for a long time. Fully hemmed for extra durability. Make a pretty appearance with invisible seams. Almost no sewing stitches can be noticed over the windsock.
  • No assembly required. With the included snap swivels, hanging the windsock is easy. A flagpole for hanging is not a must anymore. You can hang this cute rainbow fish at your will anywhere you'd like to add much vigor and fun, under the branch in your quiet garden, on the porch of the party room, or on the antenna of a lonely boat.
  • EMMA KITES brings fun windsocks to color our world! They are pretty, colorful, and vibrant for decorating home and garden, celebrating holidays, adding vigor to parties, as a unique presence under the tent awning in the campsite, and offering a good companion when you go fishing. Loved by kids and adults for a colorful world!