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70 Inch Indoor Floating Delta Kite

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WingSpan: 180cm / 70.9in
Height: 105cm / 41.3in
Tail: 5m / 16.4Ft
Material: Ripstop Nylon / PC31
Frame: 2.5mm Carbon Rod
Wind Range: 0-6mph (0-10kmh)
Packing: Fabric Bag
Weight: 85g / 3oz
Flying Line: 50m (included)


  • Perfect low wind condition
  • Not only can you fly kite outside without wind, but also you can fly kite indoor, for example in stadium and garage, as long as there is enough space. The Sea Ghost is specially designed for indoor flying. It can float very well and has a slow speed.
  • The Sea Ghost is specially designed for weather without wind. It is very light with a special structure and a long glide distance. It is appropriate for different levels of wind and players. Even for kids who fly kites for the first time, they can control the Sea Ghost easily. The Sea Ghost can fly smoothly under strong wind. It can also take many pleasures to experts who are fastidious about technology.
  • Why this kite can do this?
  • First, it has a perfect design. The design principle of a kite is the same to that of a plan. The crucial point is to keep balance. The Sea Ghost can keep balance perfectly when flying.
  • Second, reduce weight as much as possible. By using carbon fiber as skeleton and the imported ultra-thin fabric p31 as fabric, the Sea Ghost can ensure a maximum floating time in the air.
  • Anywhere, any time, the Sea Ghost makes stunt kiting a blast when nothing else will fly. Its 41in wingspan makes small spaces big so you can fly in tight quarters with ease. At barely 1.7 ounces, its super-light weight gives it the buoyancy to stay aloft in swirling breezes, where walking backwards with short lines provides enough lift for a huge range of graceful aerobatics.
  • But super light doesn’t have to mean super-fragile. The Sea Ghostr's high-modulus frame is made from solid carbon rather than delicate tubes, super-stiff but tough enough to bend in a circle without breaking. So this is a kite you can fly in regular winds too, up to 20 mph without overpowering or worry about breakage.