Spools of Emma Kites Blue UHMWPE Kite Line
Blue UHMWPE Kite Line Spool
Blue 100% UHMWPE Kite Line Spool
Blue UHMWPE Kite Line

100~1,000Lb Blue UHMWPE Braided Line Spool

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Material: 100% UHMWPE Fiber (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
UHMWPE is known as different trade names, like Dyneema, Spectra by different manufacturers
Elongation at break: 4.8%
Melt Point: 266~277 °F / 130~136 °C safe working temperature is below 176 °F / 80 °C

Strength Diameter Weight
per Meter
per 100Ft
100 Lb 0.5 mm 0.23 g 0.25 Oz
220 Lb 0.8 mm 0.51 g 0.55 Oz
350 Lb  1.0 mm  0.7 g 0.75 Oz
580 Lb  1.3 mm  1.35 g 1.45 Oz
750 Lb  1.6 mm  1.6 g 1.72 Oz
1000 Lb  2.0 mm  2.8 g 3.01 Oz

Approximately ±2~3% deviation exists in measurement.
Packaging: On Spool
Recommended safe working strength: 20% of its original strength.

General Applications

  • Camping: Tarp ridge lines / tent guylines / bear bagging / Ultralight backpacking
  • Survival gear, emergency/repair cord
  • Climbing / Rigging / Arborist accessories
  • Kite String, Kite Fixing / Dragging Line for Giant Kites, Show Kites, Kitesurfing
  • Fishing accessory line / Speargun Shooting Line
  • More applications to be created.

Please note!!!
Cords' marked strength comes from tests under the lab environment.
There are a wide variety of influential factors in practical use.
For all kinds of cords, the safe working strength is around 20% of its original strength.

How to seal the end?
UHMWPE doesn't melt and self-sealed like nylon or polyester.
After cutting, use tape to seal the end or simptly tie a knot.


Extremely Strong in Lightest Weight - 15 times stronger than steel by weight ratio
Absolutely go for 100% UHMWPE Cord when you need an ultra-light cord with high strength. 4mm paracord, 550lb strength; 4mm nylon climbing cord, 900lb strength; 4mm UHMWPE cord, that is 3960lb!

Highly Resistant to Abrasion and Wear
Even after intense abrasion, UHMWPE still maintains its shape, which will ensure long service life.

Most Friendly Cord
With a low coefficient of friction, UHMWPE does the least damage to gears that it is in direct contact with. Much safer operation with UHMWPE cord than steel cable

Low Elongation, Least Creep
The cord has only 4.5% stretch at break, which means the long time loading will create the least creep on the cord.

Extremely low moisture absorption, high resistant to chemical, UV
Just like the most vigorous warrior, UHMWPE got excellent adaption to a tough environment. It keeps its performance in extreme cold weather.

It Floats on water