Coppery Stainless Steel 20pcs Kite Snapped Swivel Connector Fishing

20pcs 0~9# Kite Snapped Swivel Connector

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Snapped swivel, with ball bearing sealed, is widely used as connector for single line kite and spinning obejects, like windsock, bol kites, spinning tubes, etc.
Coppery stainless steel and welded ring offer excellent resistance to corrosion for long service life.
SMOOTH with BALL BEARING! The swivel has ball bearings sealed inside to minimize any friction and allow the swivel to rotate freely, which prevents fishing / kite line from twisting when loaded.
When used as accessories of fishing, stainless steel is perfect for heavy freshwater or saltwater use.

Material: Coppery Stainless Steel Coastlock Snap; ball bearing swivel 

No.  Weight - Strength - Snap / Swivel Length
0#    4.60g         20lb         18mm / 11mm

1#    6.50g         30lb          21mm / 12mm

2#    9.25g         50lb          24mm / 13mm

3#    12.75g       80lb          29mm / 14mm

4#    17.50g      100lb         32mm / 17mm

5#     26.50g     120lb         39mm / 20mm

6#     43.68g      150lb         45mm / 23mm

7#     52.00g      180lb         50mm / 25mm

8#     82.50g      200lb         57mm / 27mm

9#     111.25g      300lb         67mm / 31mm