Brighter Color Braid Kevlar Line Utility Cord 100Ft 250Lb
Brighter Color Braid Kevlar Line Utility Cord 100Ft 250Lb
Brighter Color Braid Kevlar Line Utility Cord 100Ft 250Lb

Brighter Color Braid Kevlar Line Utility Cord 100Ft 250Lb

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Breaking Strength: 250Lb
Diameter: 1.5mm
Weight: 1.2 Oz/100 Ft | 1.16 g/m
Material: 100% Kevlar Yarn by Dupont Company
Construction: Braided
Decomposition Temperature: 800~900 °F / 427~482 °C
Kevlar doesn't melt like nylon or polyester. It decomposes at a high temperature.
Packaging: On Spool
Recommended safe working strength: 20% of its original strength.
More types of strength available: 


Toughness - Yields High Strength in Small Size Every Kevlar fiber is of high tensile strength. It weighs much less when yielding same strength. 
Construction of Braid Braiding, Multi-strands interweaving process, makes kevlar line much more durable and be able to resist raveling.
Cut-Resistance One of the best advantages of Kevlar line. It helps avoid many unexpected string snaps which happen a lot in binding, fastening objects or uses near sharp edges. In addition to "resistance" properties, Kevlar line is also highly resistant to abrasion, to chemicals (especially acids, and alkalis.)
Capability to Work at High-Temperature Kevlar doesn't melt and only decomposes at relatively high temperature, which also the reason that it's a common material in firefighter PPE equipment.
Low Stretch, Least Creep Stretch annoys much in applications like stringing hammocks, kite flying control, especially in control of stunt kite or traction kite. Kevlar line has extremely low stretch, which means the long time loading will create the least creep on it.


  • Kite String, Kite Fixing / Dragging Line for Giant Kites, Show Kites, Kitesurfing
  • Camping: Tarp ridge lines / tent guylines / bear bagging / Ultralight backpacking, wrapping up tools used near heat source.
  • Survival gear, emergency / repair cord
  • Climbing / Rigging / Arborist accessosries
  • Fishing accessory line / Speargun Shooting Line
  • More applications to be created.

Please note!!! Data of all cords' marked strength comes from a laboratory test. There are a wide variety of influential factors in practical use. For all kinds of cords, the safe working strength is around 20% of its original strength.
How to seal the end? Kevlar doesn't melt and self-sealed like nylon or polyester. After cutting, use tape to seal the end or simply tie a knot.