30D Ripstop Nylon Kite Fabric - 3 yards

30D Ripstop Nylon Kite Fabric - 3 yards

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Material: 30D Ripstop Nylon by interwoven thread
Width: 1.7 yards / 60 inch / 1.52 Meter
Length:  3 yards / 108 inch / 2.73Meter
Note: the width is fixed no matter how long fabric is. There exists a little deviation due to hand measurement.
Weight: 36.5 g / 1.29oz per Square Meter
Denier: 30D, square grid ripstop
Coating: PU Layer
Maintenance: Wash in cold and warm water and Line dry
Packaging: cut in a continuous length if more than one quantity ordered (max. 50 yards continuous length), folded


Durable ripstop fabric in ultra-lightweight, used in in a various range of applications:
Suitable for all kinds of kites: Like single line kites, inflatables, laundry, octopus, sport kites, etc.
Fabric for stuff hanging in the air, such as banner, flag, windsock
Ripstop nylon has high strength and ripstop features in the lightest weight. Excellent material for you to make light hiking backpack, stuff bags, etc.
Due to PU coating, the fabric has properties of water repellency and dust-proof.

It is great for you to make cover products like a tarp, stuff covers, light tents, outdoor table cloth.