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Braided dacron

I am interested in your 200lb braided dacron.My question is I want to use it for a bowfishing line and I'm worried the line won't be flexible enough. The line I use right now 200lb test just different manufacturer. Could you let me know if this line is pretty rigid or flexible. Thanks
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Buenas tardes estoy interesado en el articulo KT3581 necesito saber el costo del envío a Bogotá /Colombia gracias

Shipping fee of reel to Columbia is shown in the option: Ship To Outside US, UK ( +US$30.00 ).
Lynn "

englishAlvaro Antonio Vargas


Im from Colombia and i wanna buy ítem # KT3581. What can i do?

If i choose the "Shop to ouside US, UK" option, the ítem is sent to Colombia?


Yes, the reel can be shipped to Colombia if you choose ship To Outside US, UK
Lynn "


this is a big, big kite flys very well on it's own , you will need a lot of space a sand anchor on the beach or something sturdy to Tito . I recommend 500lb line and the wind range 5 to 15 mph you will not be disappointed. "

englishColin Ian Bullock

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